08 Dec Best ways to optimise your Social Accounts to be found on Search Engines

Successful businesses today depend upon their social media presence as much as they depend upon other advertising channels. The successful companies realize that the SEO and social accounts are connected and their interaction is going to become more crucial in the future.

On one hand, social media influences people towards a particular brand. On the other hand, search engines check the popularity of your website or name of the brand based on the number of followers. They realize that a brand or social account cannot have a huge number of likes and followers unless it is trusted by them. So how can you optimise your accounts to get ahead on any search engine? In the beginning, to increase the number of followers, you can buy Instagram likes but after some time you will see that these will increase and take the popularity to a very high level only if the content is great and is used wisely.

People are attracted to short but catchy content, especially something accompanied by pictures. The combination should be appealing to eyes and create an amazing effect in the first few seconds. There is very little time that an average person spends on any one post and the impact has to be instantaneous. Make sure that you content is a response to people’s queries or fulfils a need. You can add an arresting title that compels them to check your post.

Both, the profile and the content, should have the major key words used by most people while searching for products that they need. This ensures that your account with the keywords comes up in any search. Another aspect is if the content is really good and unique, then it will be used in other forms also like people will reference it in their blogs and articles and your account will get the benefit of reaching it to many more people.

In short, if you have something interesting to say, keep it short but with key words clearly used. Post the content in carefully selected portals for most reach and impact. Ultimately your social media presence is directly related to the SEO.