Are you stressed about getting more likes for your page on social media? Yes, social media can really help your business grow and get noticed faster than any other medium of advertising. However, one need not get stressed over something as small as “likes”. All Real Fans is here to help in this area and ensure you get a good number of likes for your page in no time.

Here is what you can do from your end to get more likes on your page from your own followers:


When you post a photo, ensure you tag it. Tag the people involved, whether they are in the frame or not, tag the location, the places involved, the activity it is related to, etc. when you have more tags, the post shows up on more feeds and searches. This increases the visibility of your post and the chances of getting Likes go up too.


Use filters for your photos, so that they stand apart in a person’s feed page. When your photos are consistently in one or two filters, people find it easier to identify it with you. Using a filter does not cost you anything, takes very little of your time but gets your posts more attention.


Hashtags are different from tags. When you use a hashtag on Instagram or Twitter, that page is automatically linked to your post. When people are searching online to get more information about that page, they will see your post. These are people who are not on your list or related to your account in any way. When you have a number of fresh viewers, the number of likes goes up too.

When you do this for all your posts, they get more attention without much effort or stress. They make your posts interesting and popular in no time.